I’m Not a 16 Year Old Girl…

…But I do love Buffy the Vampire Slayer. There you go. I said it. And don’t bother checking IMDB for an upcoming all-star cast film remake (but that would be good too right?), because it’s not there. I do actually mean the ‘90’s/early ‘00’s TV version which spanned 7 series and starred the lovely Sarah Michelle Gellar as the high school kid/vampire slayer.

It’s not my fault for falling in love with Buffy and Co. though. It’s amc’s fault for their silly mid-season break of Breaking Bad. It’s Netflix’s and LoveFilm’s fault for not having Boardwalk Empire yet. It’s also my girlfriend’s fault for practically forcing me to watch it. But if I’m honest, it had me hooked pretty quickly.

Xander’s witty one liners, Willow’s geeky adorability, Giles’ sarcastic remarks, the amazing rock-themed opening credits sequence – there are so many reasons to love it.

I imagine the person I have to thank most for this wonderful show, which has shown no signs of aging (cheeky little vampire pun there) is Joss Whedon. His originality, pop culture referencing and American juvenile commentary knows no bounds. As he has proven again with last year’s The Cabin in the Woods (I’m overlooking The Avengers and letting him for with that one).

I watched the first series in a matter of days and I’m sure the rest will be just as entertaining. But for all those of you who wear testicles and are still shaking your head at me in disgust, don’t worry too much. I’ve promised myself I will not venture as far as Angel. He doesn’t carry a short skirt and seductive pout half as well as Buffy.


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