The Three Best Films of 2012


The best film of 2012 went somewhat overlooked. Dredd delivered everything it promised it would, and in abundance – colourful characters, bucket loads of blood and violence and a stripped down story which was compact, punchy and thoroughly entertaining.


It genuinely is like Die Hard in space! Guy Pearce is a revelation as the buff, fast-tongued super-cop tasked with saving the President’s daughter from a bunch of released convicts on a floating prison. Joseph Gilgun (Woody from This is England) turns in a truly terrifying performsnce as one of the deranged cons.

The Cabin in the Woodscabin-in-the-woods-clip

Joss Whedon pulled it off again with the truly original Cabin in the Woods. A genre bending, thrill ride which doesn’t take itself too seriously, it will be used as a landmark in the study of contemporary teen-horror for many years.


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