Now Over To the Experts…#1

Reviews from top critics can make or break a film or TV show. I have scoured the web to find the most influential, accurate and informative (and then I’ve reviewed the reviews, obviously).

This week, reviews from LoveFilm customers on The Dinosaur Project – a very low budget, found footage travesty with some of the most wooden acting and infantile script work ever conceived. But what do the real reviewers think?

The Dinosaur Project


toadstool time

By froggyjones

thort the film was good but was too shaky at times and it did ma headin . and the ending was a bit lame but all in all a good film .

 Here’s froggyjones teaching us how to write in a Scottish accent.

very good 

By a customer 

Not the usual hollywood over rated film,Was’nt going to watch this film becuase of the bad review’s,so glad we watched this little gem, the real jurasic park !

 Finally, someone has put that talentless shit Spielberg in his place.


Great script & dinasaures

By t-t

The fact that it was low budget and not AN AMERICAN blockbuster makes it significantly more appealing and a fun film…lots of tense moments for sure and not so shaky on the hand help cameras so no worries u poor folk who cant stand moving cameras!!!!! No queezyness here and a great action packed film 🙂

Great use of both capital letters and exclamation marks from t-t here. And what better way to conclude a review than with a smiley?

The Dinosaur Project


Silly. But Enjoyable

By a customer

Yes, the ‘found footage’ thing is a bit past it’s sell by date (and has been done better), and yes, the film had no stars. But I enjoyed it! The special effects aren’t that bad and the acting is fine. Good first (?) effort from the Director.

This savvy reviewer was right to question the result of their extensive research capabilities. If only IMDb was more accessible to the public, as it tells us this is in fact Director Sid Bennett’s 11th Project to date. To be fair, this reviewer did cover themselves well with a cheeky question mark inside some brackets.


Not too bad

By cliff60

Not too bad seen worse. The acting could of been better but dont think even the best actors in the world would of done any better. The script was bad and no actor could act good with it lol It was basicly blair witch but with dino’s. The dino’s did look realistic but didnt see them very often. It was spoilt with constant out of focus or black screens. Not very realistic or they must of had super batteries for the cams cause they had no way to charge them but they ran for several days while in constant use lol. I thought it was real at 1st cause they used real TV news channels to make it look it was really happening. I was thinking hey how come ive got that news channel i didnt have it before lol. Forgot i was watching a film hehe. Loved the baby dino it was so cute i want 1 now. I like it better than jurassic park cause it wasnt so scary and the dino’s looked better. But it was let down buy a very bad director and poor script. Think it had potential to be a very good film. It just needed a bigger budget better director and scipt.

How cute! Lucky the film wasn’t more realistic otherwise this joyful little chappy would have become even more scared and confused. Hehe, LOL.

The Dinosaur Project

Pile of Crud

By a customer

Give it half a star because i cant give it Zero or minus, anyone who gives it more has NO life this is tripe in the worst form BAD acting, BAD effects BAD everything this thing sucks i was so cheesed off at wasting my time with this its like 13 year old students from the slums of london made it in a hour its rubbish. It also has the MOST annoying teenage buy as the star imagine justin beeber bell head but 10 x more annoying i wanted to throw my tv in the street fast forwarded half of it thank god its just BADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

 Beeber bell head? I’m lost on this one really.


And the winner is…

Awesome film , would watch plenty of times

By a customer

Cool film and very interesting , kept me interested all the way through . intresting more when your high you stare at the screen more

 This poor fella is so high and has written interesting so many times in one sentence he has forgotten how to spell it by the end. I’d be scared to find out how intresting he thought Pineapple Express was.


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4 responses to “Now Over To the Experts…#1

  • Lukio

    I often find reading people reviews more interesting than watching the actual content, an interesting insight into the minds (using that term loosely) of other fellow viewers. Someone gave Contraband 9 out of 10.. what… did I miss the end of the world? You sir have just spawned a whole new profession/niche! Review the reviewers!

    • thenumbereightytwo

      It is often genuinely worrying reading some of the reviews (I use that term loosely) online.

      It sometimes even scarier when these critics slate undeniably brilliant films. I mean, I’m pretty sure you can’t call films like 2001: A Space Odyssey, ‘pants’!

      But where will it end? Before long there will be a reviewer to review the reviewer who reviews the reviewer. Now that’s a niche!

  • Dan Armstrong

    I saw this film on theatrical release in the UK. I am a big Dino fan and the stand out CGI was impressive as was the attention to detail on the dinosaurs.

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