Now Over To the Experts…#2

Reviews from top critics can make or break a film or TV show. I have scoured the web to find the most influential, accurate and informative (and then I’ve reviewed the reviews, obviously).

This week, reviews from LoveFilm customers (again) on One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest – an absolute classic starring Jack Nicholson.

But what do the experts think?

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

jack nicholson’s amazing hair

Rated - 5.0 stars  

By cheesekake

ever noticed in films how the main characters have perfectly quoffed hair, without a single hair outa place. Yet in Jack Nicholson’s films his hair has a life of its own, and is as bedraggled as bedsheets on a bad nights sleep bed.

just thought I’d put the point across before I told you that I reckon this film was brilliant, Nicholson at his best.

defo worth watching.

And we start off with a review of Jack Nicholson’s hair. Also, my new favourite sentence: as bedraggled as bedsheets on a bad nights sleep bed.

good story

Rated - 3.5 stars  

By a customer from basingstoke

this isent normily my kind of films but it did have a good story to it and i think alot of people will like this film it is worth watching and yeah i fort it was good but i think some of u people might love it if ur in to dramas u will love it. but im not in to dramas like some people but i still give it a good ok so yeah watch it its a good film ok so yeah worth seeing and i fort it was gonna be borring but even i fort it had a good story so if u like dramas this good b a grate film u will in to action films my selff lol not this kind but yeah it was good 🙂

No Comment.

So ashamed to say….

Rated - 2.0 stars  

By a customer from Enfield

Saw this at the cinema when it fist came out and I know it’s a fantastic cult film that launched Jack Nickolson’s career from the good into excellent but dangerous mould. However, try as I might, I couldn’t stay with it this time. I kept falling asleep or finding things to do. I just lacked the concentration required for this movie. First time round, young and impressionable, I loved it, second time round and so much older, perhaps I have since seen better and my memories are what I found enjoyable about it.

More a review of themselves than the film really…

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest(2)


Rated - 1.0 star  

By blackgal

This is very boring! I thought it was going to be good because Jack Nicholson is in it but do not let this cloud your judgment! It’s pants! A few funny bits but not nearly enough to warrant this worth watching!!!!!

I believe Roger Ebert also often uses the phrase ‘it’s pants’ to crique films.

This is One to watch before you die!

Rated - 5.0 stars  

By HollyM

Not actually at the moment of death but it’s so good you have to see it.

The acting is superb. A young Jack Nicholson gives an amazing performance as does Nurse Ratchett.

Really, really good. I can’t recommend it enough.

Phew! That’s a relief – I already have other plans for my moment of death. And yes, Nurse Ratchett is a great actor.


Rated - 0.0 stars  

By a customer from Leeds

To be honest I thought this film was going to be spectacular. Although I have never read the book i doubt that this film would encourage anyone to read it. My friends fell aleep during this film and as I held on for the ‘gripping’ end i discoverd there wasn’t one.

What about when the Chief grabs the sink at the end? That’s gripping. They should have inserted speech bubbles I suppose. Like in those books you do read.

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest(3)


Rated - 3.0 stars  

By shaneEbaby
I enjoyed this movie but one what flew over the nest and where were the cuckoo’s??
Exactly ShaneEbaby. A good film, but a silly, silly title. Unlike your immensely relevant, birds.


Rated - 0.0 stars  

By a customer from Plymouth

I am unable to comment on One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest as I was supposed to get the film, and then the bonus disc as one rental but i never recieved the film- only the bonus disc. What good is that?

Less good than you may think.

And the winner is…


Rated - 5.0 stars  

By Keith

Superb film. Very disturbing just to see what happens to some peoples state of mind, but everyone should see it. The acting was brilliant, the impression the actors gave was that they were actually the characters portrayed, and not actors.

Here’s Keith not quite grasping the requisites of acting – but nonetheless very much appreciating them.


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  • thenumbereightytwo

    That’s great. I wish I had the discipline to do that. Especially with such big directors and films.

    Sadly, I always end up getting sucked into the promotional material and watching trailers. Although I have got into the habit of turning trailers off halfway through – usually before the ending of the film or twist is revealed.

    Yours is a great way to truly appreciate a film (or not, as the case may be). I will try to do this with some more often.

    Please don’t apologise for your English. It’s good. And I don’t know a word of French so thank you for commenting in English.

    I would just like to point out the brilliant irony of an article which ridicules awfully spelt and composed film reviews, written in English, by English people, is commented on by a French person who’s grasp and appreciation for the language is far superior.

    Thank you Orisphoto for adding to the article.

  • orisphoto

    I saw this movie for the first time a couple of weeks ago. I like watching movies without knowing anything about the story. In fact I though this movie was about World War II.

    It was a great surprise to discover this story I was completely in it. Not my favorite movie but sure a wonderful movie.

    • thenumbereightytwo

      I’m not sure how you managed to not hear of the story before seeing the film, but it’s great that you went into it blind.

      I wish I could do that more often. I guess it’s easier with old releases. Thanks for your comment.

      • orisphoto

        It’s like that for most of movies I watch. I did the same with all the tarantino, some, Kubrick, cohen etc… I read nothing and always switch channels when they are talking about movies.

        I prefer to watch a movie without positive or negative idea about it before the movie start. So I can have my own opinion about it at the end.

        I like to talk about movies after having seen it but I don’t need the opinion of as so-called journalist to know if I’ll go to cinema or not.

        (sorry for my english wich is bad but I’m french it’s not my fault ahah)

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