Review: Hydra

HydraHydra is the second of many ‘for TV’ films I plan to slowly burn my eyeballs out of my head with. Why? Because the sub-genre it belongs to – low-budget, bland monster story drivel (usually set on a fictional island) which contains about an hour and a half of laughable acting and shamefully rendered special effects – is surprisingly entertaining. For all the wrong reasons of course.

Hydra does us the favour of finally quenching our incredible thirst for a three-headed snake monster. The snake monster is on an island, as are some silly human beings. Most of them get eaten by one or all of the previously mentioned snake heads. That is as much as I can remember as I watched it all of three days ago. Which, consequently, is fine by me.

Michael Shamus Wiles, (pictured) who you will most likely recognise as the creepy bartender in Fight Club and ASAC George Merkert in Breaking Bad, seems to have misplaced any talent he once possessed with his character – the brilliantly named, Captain Sweet. He is by far the best thing about this film (again, for all of the wrong reasons). I’m not sure whether his painfully slow movements and turtle-mouthed dialogue are strokes of genius, or, just awful, awful acting. You decide…



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