Early Reaction to the Second World War Z Trailer (and an obligatory dick comment)

World War Z stars Brad Pitt and is based on an awful book of the same name. Although the book is overrated, its premise is a good one: Interviews from an eclectic variety of survivors from a zombie apocalypse. But, Hollywood in all of its wisdom has decided to completely ignore the source material and unoriginally, concentrate on the actual conflicts instead.

Brad Pitt in World War Z

Here is the latest trailer followed by early reaction via the best of the always insightful comments on Youtube:


This isn’t a fucking World War Z adaptation…This is a sell-out most likely PG-13 piece of shit.


I swear to god, if this movie turns out to be PG-13, I lost all of my faith in hollywood.

Vincent Smith

could Brad Pitt give less of a shit in this performance?




I feel nothing watching those trailers

Adrian Iorga

The Matrix Reloaded wants its CGI back, guys.

…And of course…

DoDo ParadiZZZe     

and u get big dick?


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