Review: Komodo vs. Cobra

Komodo vs. CobraIt’s like Hydra, but worse. Is this possible I hear you ask. Yes, apparently it is. Here is a film which can be epitomised by words such as bland, dreary, dull – pointless even.

 Komodo vs. Cobra is full of hilariously bad acting, which isn’t helped by what is probably the worst script and direction I’ve ever seen.

Particularly absurd features of Komodo vs. Cobra include taking the never-ending ammo cliché to ridiculous new heights, and a bemusing use of profanity blocking. Akin to a radio broadcast pop song,  all swear words in the film are bleeped over with animal sounds – supposedly due to the fact the film is a PG13. Why they didn’t just decide to not include expletives in the dialogue is beyond me.

If I’m honest, I’m actually becoming quite addicted to these modern schlock productions. Okay, the plots are all the same and there is no quality in any department, but it sure is easy to watch a bunch of awful actors talking shit while trying to avoid giant monsters.



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