6 Thoughts (facts) On The Dark Knight Rises

After a second viewing and now the online fires have calmed, I thought I would share some thoughts on The Dark Knight Rises. I couldn’t decide whether I liked it the first time so I felt a second viewing was essential to determine what I thought its level of merit actually is. So, here we go, 5 thoughts (facts):


1. The Alfred scenes are definitely to0 gushy and feel as if they have been crow-barred into the narrative. These Batman films deliver their excitement through the music, the action set-pieces, even the little one-liners from the good and bad guys alike etc. But not speeches…apart from Gordon of course. He’s allowed. But only him.

2. “Now is not the time for fear” – I just had to write that down once. Love it!

3. I understand that Nolan wanted to exceed, or at least try to match the scope and epic nature of The Dark Knight, but one of the ways in which he attempted this backfired – by trying to make the story bigger than Gotham City. The most notable examples were when the American President was mentioned, when the bomb was taken out to sea, and when Alfred notices Wayne in a cafe in Florence. All of these sequences detracted from the ‘world of Gotham’ and put a temporary hole in the fourth wall.

I appreciated attempts to give the material as much realism as possible, but trying to merge Gotham with the real world is a mistake. Yes, in the films and graphic novels it is part of America but only as a point of reference. Gotham doesn’t play by the same rules as the real world, so the made up place should stay just that – made up. Make sense? Thought not.

Bane and Batman Fight

4. Bane is a very good (film) character and although I think Tom Hardy is incredible and the voice makes me quiver with joy, he is not the Joker and the character and performance do not match up to Heath Ledger’s villain. I’m not saying Hardy wasn’t great; he just didn’t have the opportunity to fully express himself as he had a big metal restrictive crab on his mush.

Okay Luke, I’ll settle for this: Bane may, may be a better character than the Joker, but Heath Ledger’s performance is superior (oh, for all the rest of you, Luke is a friend of mine who will definitely disagree with the above comment… I’m not just suddenly calling everyone Luke.)

5. The Dark Knight is better than The Dark Knight Rises

6. All of that “dadadum, dadadum, dadadum, dadadum, dadadum, daaaaaaaaaa, daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”  – and the – “da…da…da, da, da” stuff…I still bloody love all of that.


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4 responses to “6 Thoughts (facts) On The Dark Knight Rises

  • thenumbereightytwo

    I enjoyed it more on a second viewing but you’re right, there are still dissapointing elements.

    Tom Hardy had one hell of a job trying to match Heath Ledger/The Joker, but he did himself proud I think and put in a good performance.

  • davecrewe

    This film was disappointing in a lot of ways, but thematically and narratively it was a good end to the trilogy, even if lots of its bits and pieces didn’t fit together. I thought Hardy did a great job as Bane, but his roles was smaller than the Joker’s, so it’s no surprise he couldn’t live up to Ledger’s performance (which would be a hard ask even with a bulkier role).

  • thenumbereightytwo

    The article is meant to be light-hearted and a bit of fun (needed with all the serious commentary on this film series I feel…) and the *fact* element was just a part of this light-heartedness.

    I appreciate it’s not a ‘complete’ break in the fourth wall which is specifically why I wrote “put a temporary hole in the fourth wall.”

    Glad to hear you like both films. Like you say we’re all entitled to our own thoughts, and thank you for yours. It’s always nice when people comment on the articles (regardless of their stance/opinion) and get a debate going.

    Many thanks.

  • allistercrow

    To #1–I just disagree on a personal level because it is your own personal thought (not fact). I like what you say on #2. #3–technically it is not a complete break in the 4th wall. Most plays take place in the real world but the 4th wall is there (why? Because we are not directly there and in the conflict). I like both films equally and you’re entitled to your thoughts

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