Comedies on Netflix…

Bad Company

Grown Ups

Blue Streak

Last Action Hero

National Security

Not Another Teen Movie

Scary Movie 4


I’m not laughing.


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6 responses to “Comedies on Netflix…

  • DaxxCalrissian

    Grown Ups I thought was one of the funniest Movie Adam Sandler has done in quite a while, the new sequel proves that people liked it too. But it only worked because the other friends he had in there to support the humor. He can’t seem to do a good movie on his own anymore. Happy Gilmore, Waterboy, Little Nicky, Mr Deeds, and Big Daddy, a little bit of Click is what I find best in his career. After that is all junk.
    Last Action Hero is cheesy but it’s kind of clever. Makes fun of the action movie cliches pretty well.
    Not Another Teen Movie is one of the better spoof movies because they’re not making fun of movies that were made less than a year previous to it’s release. So it had a lot of room to work with.
    Scary Movie 1 is awesome. Scary Movie 2 is good. Scary Movie 3 is eh. After that I don’t give a shit. lol.

  • sarahlouisek

    At least some of the movies in the “Scary Movie”” series were funny.
    I never understood some of the Golden Globe nominations for comedy either.

  • davecrewe

    Was Arachnophobia a comedy? I haven’t seen it since I was 9 or so, but I thought it was a pretty mild horror with some jokey elements rather than a failed comedy? (It’s probably bad, I’ll admit, but I have no desire to confirm or deny that)

    Also, I saw “Bad Company” in the cinema. What an awful film. Take Chris Rock and then don’t even try to use him for comedy.

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