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Filmmakers On My Mind at the Moment…#5

Eddie Marsan

Eddie Marsan

Ganster No. 1 | Red Riding | Tyrannosaur | War Horse

 Stephen Graham

Stephen Graham

Snatch | Band of Brothers | This is England | Public Enemies

 Neil Maskell

Neill Maskell

The Football Factory | Kill List | Jack Falls | Utopia


Review: The Fear

Still available to watch on 4OD, The Fear is a four-part drama series focusing on the life of a Brighton gangster in his twilight years who is struggling with the changing face of crime and the fact that he seems to be losing his memory.

Peter Mullan in The Fear

The always compelling Peter Mullan plays Richie Beckett. A gangster turned local entrepreneur – Ritchie seems in control of his relatively new role in society, but he soon starts to turn to his old habits of drinking and violence. Flashbacks and hallucinations of a troubled past spur these actions on, and they are further heightened by the uncalculated antics of his two sons who have followed in his criminal footsteps. Continue reading

Because I Watched Air Force One…

…Netflix Recommends…




The Mask of Zorro

The 6th Day

Judge Dredd

Street Fighter

The Queen