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Now Over To the Experts…#4

Reviews from top critics can make or break a film or TV show. I have scoured LoveFilm to find the most influential, accurate and informative (and then I’ve reviewed these reviews, obviously.)

This week, reviews from Alien – a seminal space horror film which redefined a genre and still terrifies generation after generation.

But what do the experts think?

Alien Poster

Scary and suspenseful

By a customer

Many of the ‘classics’ that one is urged to watch are poor in quality (cf. Blade Runner, Solaris, The Rocky Horror Picture Show), so I was pleasantly surprised that this film was actually enjoyable. The pace built throughout the film; the tension was gripping, particularly in the third act; the alien was actually scary (unlike many ‘monsters’ seen in films both old and new). It may not be the most intelligent film ever, but it is certainly entertaining.

Blade Runner was shit wasn’t it.


Good in its day but dated

By mikeswan

 This was a good film in 1979 but it looks very old now in 2012. The whole look of the film is now dated looks a bit like a 1990s computer game. Watch it for an old classic, but one that has not aged well. Some of the acting very good like the lead girl, others a bit cardboard.




By a customer from Teignmouth

 must have been good in its day, but definitely dated.  Stopped watching after 30 minutes!

I hear it all kicks off in the 31st minute. Shame.



By a customer

very good film, although i think aliens has proberly got more action in it.

Stunning observation.

 The Cast of Alien

Not so thrilling

By Rich

 Thought it was a bit lacking story wise, and some of the invented sciencey things bugged me (like the motion sensor that picked up ‘micro changes in the air density’, something like that). I guess if I’d watched it when it was released, I’d have been more impressed, but I thought it was a bit slow paced and boring.



It was ok

By Usama Iqbal

It was ok I don’t know wy they made it 18 then 15 because It was not scarey then alien looked like someone was dressed up like a alien even the way the alien walkes. They improove on the alien in the 2nd and the 3rd I haven’t saw the 4th yet but I think they will improove even more and the 5th they will look more real than we all expected but the first part is ok but the 3rd is better than the first and the 4th part may be better than the 1st as well the 2nd part is better than alien 1 and alien 3 I don’t know about the 4th yet because I haven’t seen it yet but I am going to rent it.

Even my old maths teacher would have trouble with this one.