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Review: Rogue

It is not often I watch a film without both purposefully and inadvertently finding out most of the key details beforehand. These spoilers and light research usually consist of any significant promotional material such as trailers, as well as the main contributors of said film such as the Director(s), Screenwriter(s) and cast.


With Rogue, I didn’t have any of this foresight, and there are two reasons for this. Firstly, the film didn’t exactly boast the most prolific marketing campaign. And, secondly, I watched it late at night on LoveFilm and wasn’t planning on getting much further than 20 minutes through this or any other film before falling asleep.

For me, at face value, Rogue looked almost perfect for serving this purpose. It has three and a half stars (not that I trust the site’s less than amateur reviews), and the front cover’s artwork is of a giant crocodile’s head crashing out of the water, on a perfectly vertical angle a la Jaws, as its own nashers frame the tagline “How Fast Can You Swim.” Rousing stuff. Continue reading


Review: The Dinosaur Project

The Dinosaur ProjectIf The Blair Witch Project and Jurassic Park had dirty sex and produced a film baby – which was then strapped to a nail bomb, stuffed inside a metal box and flung out of a window – its remains would be the more attractive sibling of The Dinosaur Project.

I got through half an hour of this low-budget tripe. I implore you not to waste anyway near this amount of time on it.