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Now Over To the Experts…#3

Reviews from top critics can make or break a film or TV show. I have scoured the web to find the most influential, accurate and informative (and then I’ve reviewed these reviews, obviously).

This week, reviews from LoveFilm customers (again) on Chungking Express. This homage to Western cinema is one of Director Wong Kar Wai’s seminal works, and, personally, one of my favourite films.

But what do the experts think?

 Chungking Express

Don’t bother watching this film – you will be disappointed

Rated - 0.5 stars

By a customer      

What a waste of time! The subtitles were few and far between so it was a matter of guesswork as to what was happening! That really coloured the whole thing for me cos’ if you don’t know what’s going on then there really is very little room for enjoyment. I won’t bother giving this a rating as it certainly doesn’t deserve one!

 Although, I see you have given it a rating.


waste of time

Rated - 0.0 stars

By a customer from Ambleside

This is the first review I have been moved to write, wow what a waste of time, spent the whole time waiting for something to happen. So what if it looks good (it dosent’t) its pure dross.

This customer is so disappointed they’ve spiralled into arguing with themselves.

 Chungking Express


Rated - 3.0 stars

By Chantal from London

A very different movie from your usual Hong Kong martial arts predictable plot.

Is Chungking Express a martial arts film?


California Dreaming, sigh

Rated - 3.0 stars

By MarkBarton  from Bristol

Not really my knid of genre – more of a romantic film HORRENDOUS overuse of ‘California Dreaming’ tune – if thats what its called

A complete assumption from MarkBarton here which somehow pays off. God knows how he (almost) worked the title out. Genius.


Tinned pineapple

Rated - 5.0 stars

By a customer from Sydenham, London

If I ate that much pineapple I’d throw up as well. California dreaming . . .

I’ve got nothing.



Here is a Picture of Dennis Quaid #4

And… a picture of his brother, Randy Quaid too.

The Quaids

If they’re smiling, you should be too.

Have a great day.

My Invisible Film #1

Film marketing is hard to get away from, especially if you’re a film fan. Each and every cinema-bound release is shoved in our face and down our throats long before the opening credits roll on premiere night. Basically, if it’s a mainstream film, chances are you’re going to know everything about it apart from a few of the twists (maybe) and how you actually rate it.

YouTube, TV adverts, posters, interviews, blog reviews, dedicated film websites, word-of-mouth: there are scores of avenues we have to try to avoid if we want to enjoy and truly judge a film without being forced to make up our minds before actually seeing it.

Don’t get me wrong – all of these platforms are great for determining which film you want to spend your hard-earned cash on – but their vivacity and our curiosity make for an often unsurprising experience.

I’m not going to boycott all of those wonderful HD trailers, stop reading reviews, or even crawl into a cave. But, what I have decided to do is pick a film every few months which is being released in the near future, and, before the hype starts to bubble – try my best to find out as little as possible about the film until I actually see it.

If anyone else out there likes this idea, feels the same way and would like join me – then please feel free. Let me know if you want to join my invisible film club, and please do share it around. It’s a simple and hopefully worthwhile quest, and the more the merrier.

Trailers are obviously out-of-bounds, but in order to know of a films existence, you must have heard about it from somewhere or somebody. All I know about my first invisible film is from seeing its teaser poster (a method I’ll try to continue with). And as I’m an advocate of say as I do and not the vice versa, I have included it below. If like me you know little more about the film so far, it is quite intriguing I think you’ll agree.

So, without further ado, My invisible film #1 is…

Spring Breakers

(UK general release date: Friday 5th April)

Spring Breakers

A review will follow soon after its release, so please come back and share your thoughts.