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The Top 5: Cult Films With Real Potential For a Remake

As every year passes, the cinema is increasingly overrun with film re-imaginings, adaptations, remakes, sequels of remakes and various other unoriginal rehashes of classic films.

In recent years we have been insulted with such tripe as a remake of Clash of the Titans, and even a sequel to this with Wrath of the Titans. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre has also fallen prey to the remake treatment, and I don’t even know how to class the latest instalment. Is it a remake? An homage? Or is it just as it seems – a lazy rip-off of a classic genre defining film?

The Warriors

A list of re-done atrocities could go on for ever. But the most frustrating thing about all of these examples is not necessarily just how awfully they are remade, but the fact that there was no reason to have a new version or continuation in the first place.

Although this is the case for most, there are a few films which have been bettered or built upon by a well-conceived remake. This list is shorter, but remade films which brought a fresh perspective and delivered an equally pleasing, or even improved viewing experience, do exist. Continue reading


Luther – Season 1 + 2: The 5 Most Memorable Scenes

It won’t be long before DCI John Luther returns to our screens for the third series of the engrossing and award-winning detective drama.


The emotionally fragile, Columbo-like mind of Luther has already come up against his fair share of deranged and disturbed foe in series 1 and 2, and Idris Elba has given us some truly memorable scenes with the character he is still most recognised for.

With the news that shooting has recently wrapped for the third season, let’s celebrate in anticipation by taking a look back at five of the most memorable scenes from the series’ so far.

Face licking

Paul Rhys as Lucien BurgessPossibly the most disturbing scene from the London-based detective drama came at the very start of episode 3 of the first season.

Lucien Burgess (Paul Rhys) is a satanic occult killer who strikes every ten years. But we don’t know this when he turns up at a woman’s door posing as a police officer. Once inside the house, Burgess’ nice persona suddenly takes a sinister turn, culminating in a nice, long lick on the woman’s cheek as she urinates on herself from the sheer terror Burgess has shocked her with.

This is a terrifying introduction to a meticulous and calculated killer. Luther and co. are especially confused as when they turn up at the house the woman has disappeared but her young baby was left alone. Continue reading

Prometheus 2 Will Not Be Penned by Lindelof

Although some of the projects Damon Lindelof has worked on as a writer/creator have often been met with mass frustration (most notably Lost of course), there is no doubt the man has some real talent for producing original and refreshing stories full of suspense, intrigue and mystery.

I’m sure his work on the upcoming Star Trek: Into Darkness will be top draw, with the fprometheus 2ilm being enhanced substantially by his vision. But on hearing the news that he will have no involvement in the Prometheus sequel, I’ve got to say, I am somewhat relieved.

There is no doubt Prometheus was missing something. It was never going to match the critical success or cult status of Alien, but it was still an underwhelming contribution to both the much obsessed over mythology of the franchise and Ridley Scott’s portfolio.

This is not to say Lindelof was completely to blame for Prometheus’ failings (especially as his final version was a re-write of Jon Spaihts original screenplay), although when a film features actors such as Idris Elba, Charlize Theron and Michael Fassbender but you still leave the cinema feeling there was a serious lack of character development, some fingers do need to be waved towards the writing department.

Obviously a sci-fi epic aiming for box office glory does need its fair share of explosions, action set-pieces and of course, A-list stars, but this narrative suffered from an overcrowded ship full of characters whose screen time lasted only a few minutes in some cases.Prometheus 2

I think Idris Elba’s Janek had the opportunity to mumble a few sentences before meeting his demise. Compare this to any one of the crew in Alien and you realise how integral it is to allow characters the opportunity to grow and evoke empathy in order to build on a films mood, intensity, and ultimately, appeal.

So whether he’s too busy, as he revealed to Collider, or whether mutual decisions have been met for him not to return, the second Prometheus instalment should benefit from a fresh perspective and a reshuffle in the writing department.

If it is a direct continuation on from the first, Prometheus 2 only has two protagonists so far (well, one and a bit really). And if we are going to follow David and Elizabeth Shaw to the Engineers’ home planet, then surely there isn’t too much room for the discovery of more fellow earthlings on this deep space journePrometheus 2y?

Creating a story solely based around this duo and their further adventure could make for an interesting scenario, but let’s be honest; there will probably be a whole bunch of other household names squeezed into the mix by the time shooting begins.

No matter how the pre-production does unfold for the Prometheus sequel, let’s just hope that the new writer(s) decide to concentrate more on quality rather than quantity this time.