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My Top 5: Films Ever (at the moment)

The Secret in Their Eyes

The Secret in Their Eyes

The most accomplished piece of filmmaking I’ve ever seen – as perfect as a film can be.

Drama, suspense, emotion, comedy, thrills, love – The Secret in Their Eyes has it all.



The most epic of all crime thrillers with an incredible ensemble on top form, the best shootout ever committed to film, and a wholesome drama which fills its long runtime with ease.



The best action film ever made. It fulfils everything a film from the genre needs and has nothing it doesn’t need.

The Thing

The Thing

Personally, my favourite sci-fi film of all time. Like They Live it has B-Movie sensibilities, but with the likes of John Carpenter and Kurt Russell, it is elevated to the top of the A-list of sci-fi.

Young Guns

Young Guns

Not on the top of (or even anywhere near) most other people’s favourite films, but one I first saw at a very young age and have rated it highly ever since.

It’s not your regular western, especially as it’s quite a glossy and light-hearted depiction, but it’s true to the legend and is high in entertainment.


For the full list of around 125 films, visit my IMDb page.


The Top 5: Cult Films With Real Potential For a Remake

As every year passes, the cinema is increasingly overrun with film re-imaginings, adaptations, remakes, sequels of remakes and various other unoriginal rehashes of classic films.

In recent years we have been insulted with such tripe as a remake of Clash of the Titans, and even a sequel to this with Wrath of the Titans. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre has also fallen prey to the remake treatment, and I don’t even know how to class the latest instalment. Is it a remake? An homage? Or is it just as it seems – a lazy rip-off of a classic genre defining film?

The Warriors

A list of re-done atrocities could go on for ever. But the most frustrating thing about all of these examples is not necessarily just how awfully they are remade, but the fact that there was no reason to have a new version or continuation in the first place.

Although this is the case for most, there are a few films which have been bettered or built upon by a well-conceived remake. This list is shorter, but remade films which brought a fresh perspective and delivered an equally pleasing, or even improved viewing experience, do exist. Continue reading

The Five Best Films Ever Made

As the title suggests, here is a list of the five best films ever made…

Young Gunsyoung_guns2_emilio1

I know I’m one of the only people in the world that thinks Young Guns is the best film ever   made, but I’m right. So I guess that settles it.

The-Secret-in-Their-Eyes--006The Secret in Their Eyes

There is a small chance there are better films out there, but if there are, I haven’t seen them. So they don’t count. The Secret in Their Eyes is a near perfect film. It’s no Young Guns, but it is incredible.


This film actually is perfect. It features every element an action film needs, and doesn’t have anything an action film doesn’t need. Obviously when I say it’s perfect, I’m overlooking most of the acting.


magnolia_mAn emotional and involving drama and character study with one of the best ensemble casts ever. The film slowly but consistently gathers pace as the (mostly sorrowful) lives of the characters unfold and entwine.

Frogs randomly fall out of the sky at the end. Lovely.


Heat is one of the top five films ever made for all of the same reasons as Magnolia. Heat-Movie-e1340113964974Just take some of the weepy stuff from P.T. Anderson’s masterpiece and replace it with guns. There are no frogs either. Just guns.