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Filmmakers On My Mind at the Moment…#3

Jason Clarke in Zero Dark Thirty

Jason Clarke

Public Enemies | Lawless | Zero Dark Thirty | The Great Gatsby

Tom Hardy as Bane in the Dark Knight Rises

Tom Hardy

Bronson | Inception | Lawless | The Dark Knight Rises

 Guy Pearce in Lockout

Guy Pearce

Lockout | Lawless | Prometheus | Iron Man 3


Filmmakers On My Mind at the Moment…#2

Joel Edgerton in Animal Kingdom

Joel Edgerton

Animal Kingdom | The Thing (2011) | Zero Dark Thirty | The Great Gatsby

Ben Mendelsohn in The Place Beyond the Pines

Ben Mendelsohn

Animal Kingdom | Killing Them Softly | The Place Beyond the Pines

Oscars 2013: 10 Films That Could Surprise You – Part 1

In less than a month the most prestigious and recognised film award ceremony in the world will return for the 85th time.

The Academy Awards are not exactly famous for delivering shocks or surprises, and in recent years this has become especially apparent. Last year, we all already knew The Artist would win Best Picture, and The King’s Speech the year before was almost a dead-cert as well.


This year may provide a few more surprises though as many of the categories are shared by numerous films and filmmakers genuinely deserving of recognition and celebration. There will always be front-runners when it comes to the Oscars, especially as the big day nears, but surely this year there will be a few surprises.

Let’s have a look at the films which could provide an upset: Continue reading